Skillset Location
ex: Java ex: California
Cisco routers, Nexus switches, IPS, ASA firewalls
Raleigh NC 7/31/2019 USA
embedded, C, I2C,SPI,Microcontroller,Firmware
Shenzhen 7/31/2019 China
Healthcare QA tester, HP test tools, QTP 9
Raleigh NC 7/31/2019 USA
Person shoul pe master in MS-excel,Vlookup,Hlookup,Ms- word
Delhi 7/29/2019 India
Bio-engineering, Typing
New Delhi 7/29/2019 India
Bio-Chemistry, Typing
New Delhi 7/29/2019 India
Pharma Marketing
Kolkata 7/27/2019 India
Consulting , Digital Financial Services , Fintech
Dhaka 7/22/2019 Bangladesh
Customer calls, Polite, Able to solve customer problem
Kolkata 7/18/2019 India
business development executive
Indore 7/11/2019 India
Statistics & Prabability
New Delhi 7/11/2019 India
MATLAB Programming
Anywhere in India 7/11/2019 India
Mongo DB, Node JS, Angular 7
Bangalore 7/11/2019 India
Teaching, Education, Training, Counselling
Hong Kong 7/11/2019 Hong Kong
Software, Microsoft, Sales Manager, Consultant
Dubai 7/2/2019 Dubai
Software, Microsoft, Account Manager
Dubai 7/2/2019 Dubai
Bangalore 7/1/2019 India
setting up users/new Trading Partner relationship/Standards/Envelope and full cycle testing
Raleigh NC 7/1/2019 USA
Work Experience as a content Writer.
Noida 6/28/2019 India
Must have 2-3 Years of experience. Good communication skill in English.
Noida 6/28/2019 India
Should be a good speaker in Japanese Language.
Noida 6/26/2019 India
Consulting or Syndicated Research
Seoul 6/24/2019 South Korea
applicant tracking system
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