Skillset Location
ex: Java ex: California
Python , Prior experience in running ML or DS projects.
London 2/17/2021 UK
Versioning system,Git /Git-lab/Bit Bucket,Jasmine + karma,Jira / Trello / Slack,node with typescript
Ahmedabad 2/12/2021 India
Mathematics, Teaching, Tuition
Bengaluru 2/12/2021 India
IT Support, Desktop Support, Helpdesk, IT Engineer
Bangkok 2/11/2021 Thailand
Customer Service, collection, admin support
Texas City 2/9/2021 USA
BPO,Fresher,Non Voice,Graduate,Communication,Telecommunication,Call Center, Customer Support,
Chennai 2/4/2021 India
Business Analysis, Telecom
Munich 1/28/2021 Germany
Tender, Oil & Gas Connection, Business Development
Jakarta 1/27/2021 Indonesia
recruitment, compensation, benefits, training, employee relations, office management
Bangkok 1/26/2021 Thailand
Human Resources Management
Bangkok 1/26/2021 Thailand
SEO, Off page, On page, SMO etc
Kolkata 1/26/2021 India
Project Management
United Kingdom 1/19/2021 Germany
Excellent languages communication(Chinese, English, Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia, Cantonese)
Kowloon 1/14/2021 Hong Kong
MS Excel, MS Word
bangalore 1/13/2021 India
Wordpress, Woocommerce, VPS Server, Photoshop, Coraldraw
Ahmedabad 1/12/2021 India
MS SQL Server, C#, APIs, WCF , Restful, SOAP services, XML,JSON.
Noida 1/12/2021 India
International Voice Calling
Kolkata 1/12/2021 India
International outbound, Voice process, Telecalling, BPO
Kolkata 1/11/2021 India
sales, marketing, German
Portugal, Lisbon 1/5/2021 Germany
Inside Sales, Healthtech, Care Manager
Bangalore 1/5/2021 India
SOLIDWORKS an Auto-cad,3D and 2D operation
Batu maung , Penang 12/30/2020 Malaysia
Sales and CRM
London 12/29/2020 UK
Versioning system,Git,Git-lab,Bit Bucket , Jasmine + karma,Jira ,Trello,Slack,node with typescript
ahmedabad 12/23/2020 India
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