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Java Architect Job in hyderbad


If you like solving problems, get the job done as a team player and are self-starter this could be a great opportunity for you. We are hiring Java Architect with 9 to 13 Years of experience.

Number Of Posts: 1
Job Location: Hyderabad
Experience: 9 - 13 Years

Required Skills:

Java, AWS, Salesforce, Agile, Mongo, and MySQL.

Mandatory Qualifications:

1. Bachelor’s degree or relevant experience required
2. 10+ years of experience working in Java, and other Java-based open source technologies like Apache foundation.
3. Demonstrated experience in architecting and deploying high volume, high transaction-based, distributed and redundant web applications.
4. Demonstrated ability to architect web on cloud platforms such as AWS.
5. Experience with the Salesforce cloud platform.
6. Proven track record of leading technical teams in delivering web technology architecture, design and implementation.
7. Strong Understanding of Full stack modern technologies from UI layer to middleware and DB layer in great detail.
8. Good understanding of modern distributed architecture and development frameworks (such as SOA, Lambda, Microservices) for scalable and very fast applications
9. Good grasp of modern and rich UI application architecture with preferable coding experience in javascript frameworks and libraries (such as Angular, Backbone), HTML and CSS.
10. Excellent understanding of design patterns.
11. Experience with Databases including, Mongo and MySQL
12. Experience writing shell scripts
13. Hands-on coding experience
14. Continuous and persistent learner
15. Experience working in Agile methodology
16. Experience in Development, Support, Maintenance, and Enhancement projects
17. Excellent Troubleshooting Skills
18. Good communicator
19. Sense of humor

Java, AWS, Salesforce, Agile, Mongo, and MySQL
Salary : 0 INR Yearly
hyderbad , India
Madhees Techno Consulting
1/23/2020 7:15:47 AM
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