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Cloud Native Enterprise Architects in Malmo , Stockholm


Cloud Native Enterprise Architect -

  • Provide technical leadership to build end to end Solution Architecture for Cloud Native Applications
  • Review business requirements and participate in review sessions to gather and clarify business requirements, remove ambiguity
  • Author and support the content for Solution Design Documents including Context Diagrams, Application Models, Application Profiles, Use Cases, Logical Application Models, Process Models, Logical Data Models, and High-Level Designs
  • Participate in and provide effective subject matter expertise for Migrating monolithic applications to next gen platforms / frameworks such as Microservices architectures
  • Develop prototypes & pilots for the refactoring of applications (Java, .NET, J2EE) to the Cloud native architecture.
  • Advising and implementing Cloud Native app development best practices such as 12factor app
  • Provide support to design, create, and implement the testing necessary to ensure all aspects of the refactored application provides the same or better performance and results using the target cloud native architecture.

·Good knowledge about known Cloud Native Architectures and Solution frameworks as well as usage of modelling techniques

·Experience in Application Modernization and migration to Public cloud such as AWS, AZURE, GCP

·Knowledge and experience with different integration patterns and API design

·Experienced in working with architectural concepts, such as event driven patterns and eventual consistency

·Experience with distributed cross-platform applications, containerization, orchestration and security(such as: Kubernetes, PCF, Open shift, Docker)

·Understanding the role of architecture and having the ability to identify areas for architecture focus in a project/line organization

·Understanding of modern development process and deployment pipeline (continuous integration stack such as Jenkins, ANT, Maven, Git,Github)

·Experience developing in multiple languages and platforms. Preference towards the latest stacks and libraries such as Node.js, React, Angular, Mongo,JSON,SpringBoot,Javascriptetc.

·Ability to work both independently and collaboratively with others in team environment

·Good knowledge and experience on software quality process/assurance including automation testing, unit/integration testing, design/code review, code profiling and software continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment pipelines (CD).

Microsoft Azure Architect
Salary : 700000 SGD Yearly
Malmo , Stockholm , Sweden
Smartedge Solutions
5/31/2019 4:27:19 AM
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