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Looking for Material Recording Clerk in thane


Data Management

Any drafting, storing and verification of documentation is data management. Back office executive responsibilities include the gathering, authentication, and preparation and formatting of presentations. The back office executive will be in charge of ensuring documents adhere to legal, organizational, and contractual policies.

Processing of Projects

A critical back office executive responsibility is management of projects. While the front office works closely and directly on the project, operations such as ordering, tracking, and delivery of goods is overseen by a back office executive and their staff.


In order to design effective predictions about market and consumer trends, the back office will have a team of analysts to interpret research. The back office executive will lead the analysis of research to develop situational scenarios, conveying the pros and cons of each. This knowledge will be documented and used when management makes decisions about the company’s future.

Market Research

Back office executive responsibilities entail following market trends and analyzing behavior to determine the current and future impact circumstances may have on the company. They supervise the study of consumer behavior and report on user preferences in regard to company objectives. They monitor competing brand performances. Without back office executive responsibilities, the company would have no guidelines for planning courses of action.

Finance & Accounting

Back office executive responsibilities will include specialists that look after the organization’s finances. Receipts, invoices, bills, checks, the creation of financial reports and statements, etc., all end up in the back office. Back office executives also work closely with specialists that look after the organization’s finances.


Assist and support administrative staff in their day to day operations.
Assist and coordinate with sales and marketing teams.
Conduct marketing research, document and report to the marketing department.
Support sales staff in handling and documenting customer accounts.

Perform competitor product analysis and prepare reports.
Prepare and reconcile customer balances.

Correct discrepancies in customer account balances.
Assist inventory controlling staff in maintaining inventory records.
Assist front office staff in maintaining the office premises clean and neat.
Assist front office in preparing, scheduling and organizing meetings, events and appointments.

non voice, excel, logistics, english language.
Salary : 15000 INR Monthly
thane , India
Kent Technology Pvt. Ltd.
11/27/2018 5:01:44 AM
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